Hi there, my name is Aamie and I am based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I love the beach and everything about it, who doesn't love sandy feet and salty water? 

Sunrise is my favourite time of day, especially if I can capture it.

I have been a volunteer lifesaver since I was 13.

Some jobs I've had, childcare, real-estate, learn to swim, and aerobics instructor.

I'm clean but messy.

I am left handed.  (don't hold that against me)

I like to drive but not a fan of being the passenger.

My favourite colour is turquiose.

I have housing for my camera and I'm loving the challenge of using it in the water.

My favourite quote - "To succeed you have to believe in something with such passion that it becomes a reality."

I love to create pretties, and sew for my little girl.

I am inspired by light, love and lollipops.

When photographing you, I want to capture you, I like to offer a relaxed approach, sometimes like even pretending I'm not there.  I still like to give gentle direction but it is about making it a pleasant experience, as some of you would know, we aren't all fans of having our picture taken, but it is important to be captured to create memories.  I would love to hear about you and capture your memories.  Sessions are mainly on location but I can also come to your home for a lifestyle session.  Below are some of my pics of my family and I and other fave pics that I have taken.

The family and I

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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