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When should I book in for my maternity session?

The best time to have your maternity session is between 32-36 weeks.  I know longer have a  home studio but would be than happy to discuss a session photographing your newborn in your own home.


What should I wear?

When considering what to wear for your family session please remember that these are your images and your memories.  Have a look around your home and see where you would like to put your beautiful family image.

Also remember if you are being photographed in long green grass it is probably best not to have the whole family in green as you will blend in, you want to compliment each other and the environment that you are in.

Please avoid big brand names, patterns, stripes, big swirls, the jeans and white shirt look have been done several times and is probably not the best look.

Add a touch of colour, pending on how many people are in the photo pick a colour and then work with it, choose your outfit (mum’s or dad’s first) and then work everyone in with that.  Accessories are a nice touch as long as you don’t go over board.  Please contact me further if you would like some more handy/hints for ideas on dressing your family.

Remember flattering but not uncomfortable.


When to Book my session?

I only take a limited number of bookings per year, if you are interested in discussing your needs further please don’t hesitate to contact me.  My email address is and my number is 0417 762 898.


When will my online Gallery be ready?

I will put a sneak peek up on Facebook, Instagram if okay with in 24-48hours after your session.  Please allow up to two weeks for your password protected online Gallery to be displayed on my website.  You then have up to two weeks to choose which package you would like.

As I order from a Professional Print Lab please allow up to two weeks for your images to be delivered to me and then they will be forwarded to you either by post or delivered.